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Tick tok has been changing the way people dress and basically how we see the world. Aesthetics is kind of a Gen Z friendly term right now, which is taking over pop culture.

You probably heard of aesthetics. And if you’re been following Tiktok , Tumblr or Instagram, It’s basically a subculture centred around specific tastes like fashion, music, literature and basically our lifestyle. So, we all know that subcultures have been there long before the internet, but these have gained massive fan following through the social media, especially tik tok in particular has hyped these Niche aesthetics and defined them and made them more popular.

We are going to talk about a few of the aesthetics you can spot on the internet right now.

First, we have the cottagecore . So cottagecore may seem like a bit like playing house, but it’s more important and it serves a purpose for the queer community. It’s a way to reclaim domestic space or rural areas where the LGBTQ community has traditionally not been accepted. The term is also applied as lesbian or alternative tiktok ,a space with less popular stars and dances are there and it’s more about subculture basically. So cottagecore may be a teen raising a tadpole . It was featured in the New York Times style section and it was described as real life Animal Crossing . Recreating Harry Styles cardigan was one of the crafting challenges. And it’s the second most dominant Ge Z subculture.

The first one being the E-girl or the E-boys subculture. So the E girl subculture has been going on for a while but the E- boy term is relatively new. Unlike goth this subculture doesn’t get made fun of as the goth one. They share their style and personality on the internet. So they basically wear long striped sleeves, graphic tees, loose leggings or pants, and loads of rings. They have an excessive amount of chains, beanie, and hands accentuated with black clip nail polish are a must. And they’re bold and not afraid to show off their accessories.

So the dark or light academia blossomed on the internet and we really don’t know where the origin is. It’s all about books and New England University vibes and everything in between. Two major

historical movie references are dead Poets society and kill your darlings. It’s an idealized version of campus life. Styled with blazers with elbow patches, knitted sweater, classic trench coats, Oxford sweaters and a lot of cardigans.

Soft girl and soft boy is less known than the visco version. But it deserves to have its own mention. It’s basically hair clips of colours, mom jeans, glossy lips and all just dreamy vibe. Clouds and pasty freckles are hot painted across their cheeks with blush, highlighters .

Then we have the soft boys who wear a flannel with the soft t-shirt, Converse or sweaters in general. It’s basically to look cute or a little soft and not submissive but giving off a dreamy vibe.

So another recycled trend that we can see on tik tok is the Y2k inspired looks. So it’s the early 2000 style heavily inspired from street fashion and hyper feminized movies like Bratz doll, the iconic films such as Mean Girls and Legally Blonde, and early 2000 images of Paris Hilton and Britney Spears with those iconic mini bags, the low rise jeans.

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Euphoria is another aesthetic from the popular series Euphoria which features Zendaya as the main character. The show features unique styles and makeups and has

now a huge fan following. So the aesthetics mainly includes a lot of moody colors such as lavender, Rose, blue, and green. And the style takes inspiration from the 90s and early two hundreds. The makeup uses a lot of colours, rhinestones and bold looks. And this show relates a lot to the Gen-Z experiences with anxiety, drugs. There was a recent euphoria trend using the Madison beer song.

The skater or Roller girl or boy started in the 70s or 80s and it involves more than a pair of skates and confidence. The fashion is associated with knee high socks, especially gym socks, high waisted, short winded, graphic tees and bright coloured everything.

VSCO is named after the photo editing app, visco. And the aesthetics was basically known for wearing scrunchies and carrying around hydro flask ,oversized t shirts, and it was all about owning ultra trending products at that time, caring for the environment, but now it’s become a synonym for basic and general these days, but its popularity still proves the influence tiktok has on the teen culture around the world.

Then there is the brandy girl who basically refers to somebody who shops at the Brandy Melville, which is an iconic mall store, which is full of one size, cropped t-shirts, faded jeans and shorts. It’s not static. For example, Bella Hadid ; Kendall Jenner type. Brandy girls are fashion minded but not over the top and leaning towards the Preppy kind.

The 90s were nostalgic, There was a time when we thought 90s aren’t cool, but right now it’s all about the 90s ,Be it the fans of Nirvana or sublime. It’s all about leather jeans baggy clothes, Inspired mainly by friends tv show

Character Rachel or Jennifer Lopez. The vibe is all about somebody who grew up in the wrong decade.



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