Here’s how Bridgerton redefined Regencycore

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After the recent Met Gala where the theme was “ Gilded Age”, everyone is talking about the regency core and the old money aesthetic. But I think we all got it confused a bit, you see The United States’ Gilded Age refers to the 30-year period of innovation and cultural revolution from 1870 to 1900. So let’s talk about Recency Core and the splash it has made.

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While Regency era happened in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland when King George III could not rule anymore and his son ruled as his proxy hence known as prince regent. The time period from 1795 to 1837 was when British architecture, literature, fashion, politics and culture flourished.

Shortly after the cottage core trend picked up, Regency Core came to the limelight in late 2020 after Bridgerton, based on Julia Quinn’s book series released on Netflix. It has been steadily gaining popularity and with season 2 featuring Indian characters as lead, we can’t get more excited.

“We often think of Regency England as filled with conventionally white folks because televisual narratives have depicted the characters in the novels as all white,” said Durba

Ghosh, a professor of British colonialism at Cornell University, offered novels by the Regency author Jane Austen as such examples. But these depictions don’t “mean that the people who actually lived in Regency England were all white,” Ghosh added.

By including a South Asian family the show definitely has spiced it up with a love triangle between the lead Antony, the eldest son of the white Bridgerton family and the two Sharma sisters. Enough about the show let’s see what is hot for regencycore right now,

  1. Corsets

The ideal form was streamlined under the loose, Romantic gowns and the bust was elevated to fill up empire-line bodices, unlike Victorian corsets, which squeezed the waist.

Corsets are not seen as a restriction to the body anymore but rather garments that adjust to your natural shape and bring out the best. It can be casually worn as a top with jeans, shirts or worn over shirts or dresses. Corset dresses are also seen in multiple silhouettes and fashion. Various styles are readily available and customisable to fit you and not the other way around.

2. Gloves

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With tiktokers picking up this accessory and trying to fit it in while recreating “Bridgerton outfit” gloves have made a comeback.

The gloves have taken off even further, with frequent appearances on the red carpet and in celebrity Instagram feeds. Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande, Olivia Rodrigo, and Billy Porter have all been spotted wearing gloves in a variety of stylish ways.

3. Pearls

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Perl corehas been pretty prominent and making a comeback, with pearls being even featured in Coachella makeup looks. With celebrities like Harry Styles and Hailey Bieber showing off their pearls it isn’t shocking that everyone wants a pair. Be it single pearl earrings, rings or elegant pearl chokers pearls are hot right now.

4. Shawls

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Shawls are very underrated and underutilised when it comes to fashion and Bridgerton seems to have changed the notion. Switch up that jacket that hides your outfit to a beautiful piece of shawl that elevates it.

5. Large sleeves

Regency core and Bridgerton fashion require puffy sleeves. Can you recall any dresses that didn’t have puffed sleeves if you’ve seen the show?

It was difficult to strike the appropriate balance between puff and sleeve when this trend first emerged, but now it can’t be puffed enough. A go-to for everything from skirts to dresses.

6. Pastels

Pastels have always existed and have been a popular colour choice for quite some time. The Bridgerton women are frequently seen in powdered blue, green, purple, and silver. The family colours are muted tones that represent their long-standing importance in society.

However, thanks to Bridgerton, pastels have become even more fashionable, and the colours appear to be more of a fixture than a trend.

7. Empire Waist Babydoll Dresses

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No one would have anticipated the early 2000’s empire waist to make a comeback. The cut has been reinvented in some way, and it’s hard not to notice it at festivals and fashion shows alike. It’s usually worn with a babydoll top and a flowy bottom, making it a really easy choice to look dressed up.



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