Lash Extensions: pros and cons list

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All the boys I know have amazing naturally thick, curled voluminous eyelashes which is so unfair when women have to resort to coconut oil, castor oil, false lashes, trying 10 different mascara brands and last but not the least sacrifice to gods to get the perfect eyelashes.

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Eyelashes and eyebrows are placed in such a way that it gives a rundown of the iris and create an excellent framework for the eyes. But to the women without long, hooded eyelashes world can seem cruel, lash extensions can help with that worldview.

Lash extensions have been around since the early 2000 so we do have a pros and cons list before you decide to invest in them. Let’s start the list on a positive note.

6 pros of Lash extensions:

  1. Lash extensions are more natural than falsies or mascara since they are individual lashes attached directly to the natural lashes.

2. Designed to last up to 6 weeks and a major time saver, you are ready to get up and face the world without minimal effort.

3. Naturally brightens your face and a cup of coffee will successfully cover up all that fatigue and stress from work.

4. Lash extensions can be customised to your preference- you choose the volume, thickness, and length. How cool is that, now no more casting Nazar on men’s lashes.

5. Lash extensions fall off naturally after a certain period of time.No fuss and in case you want to remove them yourself just press a little natural oil like castor oil to your eyelash and leave them overnight. In the morning all the adhesive would be soaked for easy removal.

6. Easy makeup for a long time.No clumped eyelashes from mascara. Naturally enhances your eyes so you get to enjoy the no-makeup makeup look.

Moving on 7 cons you need to know beforehand:

  1. Lash extensions are expensive. They start around Rs 5000/- and depending on the type you want and customization it might differ.

2. If applied incorrectly or with the wrong adhesive it might lead to infections, irritation and discomfort. In extreme cases the loss of natural lashes.

3. Lash extensions are high maintenance, after a certain period you might need to get them touched up or redone. Also, you need to adjust your beauty and sleep routine in such a way that the lashes last longer.

4. Not all technicians are well qualified to apply the lashes and if questionable ingredients such as the wrong glue are used it might lead to complications.

5. In case you are suffering from skin or eye disorders eyelash extensions might furthermore the case worse.

6. A time-consuming process, you gotta be patient as it takes about 2 hours to successfully place the lashes.

7. There is an awkward eyelash phase in between your appointments since the natural lashes fall off at different times and you might find yourself with unruly wobbly eyelashes.

Hope this helps and do your research to see what fits best within your lifestyle and budget. Lash extensions do make your life easier and more pretty but do visit a medical professional before going through the process



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