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Dua Lipa Versace

The show started off with shirtless men wearing black masks and golden chains walking out, they took positions in the stands behind the audience holding on to thick ropes. Each of their pull brought a dramatic flair to the iconic printed tent acting as the roof. Dua Lipa started the show with her own song Physical playing in the background .Platform black strap heels, green eye shadow, a black suit with slashes fastened together by the brands iconic coloured safety pins.

“The foulard is a fundamental component of Versace’s heritage and character. It acts as a canvas for our iconic prints and is worn in multiple ways from knotted tops to headscarves to bag accessories, it’s a way of adding Versace attitude to any look. The foulard has been with us since the very beginning of the brand, but this season turns everything on its head, it is no longer fluid or dreamy, the scarf is provocative, sexy, wound tight.” Donatella Versace

Similar silhouettes with Versace’s iconic silk foulard peeking from underneath black sleeveless suits. Accessorised with Colourful bags ,both in solids and Versace print. The scarf top using the foulard on a male model with a clean black blazer on top.

It’s as though the components have been pulled apart and then quickly reassembled.

The brand’s signature Safety Pins are used to carelessly fasten slashes in the clothes. The Safety Pins have been updated in a variety of bright hues to serve as both a functional fastener and a dramatic adornment.

Trench coats with silk foulard print with otherwise a simple wrap coat.Size inclusive models were seen as well as good representation of people of colour. Sleek latex dresses, tops, and skirts in a striking colour provide a textural variation.

This season there’s a celebration of brand code La Greca, as well as fresh designs. Royal Rebellion presents crowns and crests in bold colorways, and Banquet Aftermath features dishes and cutlery from the Versace Home collection — the cutlery is also translated to knife and fork jewelry. Acid Bouquet is Versace’s answer to spring florals and is characteristically unromantic in clashing acid tones.

Dua Lipa in her outfit at the beginning of the fashion show Versace

Mixing up fabrics, Gigi Hadid in a form fitting latex dress with a piece of fabric sort of falling out at the top giving an illusion. Floral prints in green ,orange, purple ,blue adding vibrancy to the earlier black outfits.

Suits with the same silk with black t-shirt underneath. A scarf crop top paired with black mini skirt and printed silk in another colour used as a belt. Low rise pants flared at the bottom with white strips following the slit. Mesh top with cut outs held together by coloured pins with the black and white striped fabric.

A dress going below the length of the knees with the black and white stripe fabric where the sleeves of the dress is held together by round pins leaving spaces in between at regular intervals also creating an asymmetrical neckline.

New silhouettes and shades are introduced to the La Medusa handbag line, including a large open tote and a drawstring-top bucket style, both with embedded chain details. There are also new colourways of the La Greca Signature line. Scarves are attached to handles and draped from bags, tying the accessories line-up to the vibrant foulard-inspired collection.

Loose Denims are seen, Bright coloured latex tops and pants ,colourful shoes. The blue denim has the iconic silk foulard running through the sides of the pants. A pink-orange pant suit in latex. Knits with denim came out next.

A green pink dress similar to the style of the black white stripe dress. Interesting sleeves created using the pins in the orange pink suit. Coloured stockings with the sides held together by round colourful pins.Shimmer is next.A few two pieces and dresses in colourful shimmery glitter fabric. Black shimmer fabric features now with the other fabrics.

Dua Lipa and the look at the end of the show Versace

Dua lipa closed the show with a purple two piece shimmery sleeveless sweetheart neckline top and a skirt with a front slit. Donatella Versace makes an appearance with Dua lipa to bid goodbye to the SS22 Versace show.



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